Create Your Own Personal Envelops

Have you even finished a home-made thank you letter and realized that you were out of envelops? This dilemma surfaced today as I attempted to mail out a few thank you cards to my grandparents. Here’s my creative solution:


  • Scissors
  • Hefty Construction Paper
  • Glue Stick


When it comes to creating a cute, custom-made thank you card, make sure you include personal touches. This could involve scrapbooking stickers, different cut out shapes, magazine clippings, or maybe your own drawings. Get wild and creative! If you are pressed for time like I was, try to go for a simple yet chic look. When you finish your masterpiece, gather your materials and set your card out in front of you. Place it on top of the construction paper towards to top half. Make sure that there is enough paper to cover the entire card when you fold it over. In the picture shown, the card is sticking out from the fold so you can see how to position it. When you fold the construction paper in half, you shouldn’t be able to see the card at all. Next draw lines on the sides of the construction paper so you can see where to cut. These lines should not be too close to the card outline. Draw the lines a few centimetres away from the cards edges so the envelop isn’t too tight in the end. Take your card away from the construction paper and open it up. Use scissors and cut on the line to the fold. Remove the ends completely. Now it is time fold the edges over. Once you have folded the edges over the center flap, use a pen to mark where the sides need to be removed. Cut these extra pieces off and then glue the sides down to the center. You should now be left with a pocket for your card and a top flap to seal it with. Cut the corners off the top flap if you want to give your envelop a nice touch. Try to use a straight edge when centering the lines for the address on the front. To spice things up, add stickers or print designs to the back or sides of your new envelop. When sealing your card inside, you can either glue the top flap or seal it with a fun sticker. Don’t forget the stamp!


Step 1: Gather Materials


Step 2: Fold the paper in halfStep 3: Cut edges


Step 4: Cut the top of the edges and paste the sides down. Cut off top corners.


Step 5: Insert card. Jazz it up!

 Now you can mail your personalized letter and envelop!DSC00829


About LSnyder

I am a Freshman at DePaul University majoring in PR & Advertising. I'm obsessed with the following: the Holidays especially Christmas, food and its glorious temptations, New York City, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a good book. I'm a writer, a photographer, an artist, and, most importantly, a creater.
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2 Responses to Create Your Own Personal Envelops

  1. julieannedellinger says:

    Where do you find time to do this?

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