Valentine’s Day & the Last 67

67 days ago I posted my last blog post. Ouch.

In those 67 days, a New Year snuck up and caught me by surprise, the Chicago Blizzard tried to blow me away, I did not receive the job of my dreams, I lost my way, and then the last two weeks I ended up in the ER.

However, in those 67 days, I have also gone home and seen my family after a year of staying away from the farm, found a guy that drives me crazy, realized that everyone needs time to recover, learned to appreciate my skill sets and capabilities, experienced crowdsourcing like never before as I connect families and friends together there were stranded on Lake Shore Drive through the @ChicagoRedCross Twitter account, and found out that my health, regardless of what I say, is extremely important.

But most importantly, I learned that I cannot do it all.

So 67 days and I’m finally healthy. And today is Valentine’s Day or as so many bitter people have texted me, “singles awareness day”. And for once, I have a date than I actually want to go on.

Excuse me while I go get pretty and smile like a silly little girl. I’ll start posting again this week and try to be more consistent.

love & social media, Lauren


About LSnyder

I am a Freshman at DePaul University majoring in PR & Advertising. I'm obsessed with the following: the Holidays especially Christmas, food and its glorious temptations, New York City, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and a good book. I'm a writer, a photographer, an artist, and, most importantly, a creater.
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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day & the Last 67

  1. Forest says:

    Well i am glad you survived and I hope you have a Happy valentines day

  2. Hi Lauren,

    Wow — glad to hear that you’re doing better.

    Sounds like you’ve had quite a winter so far. Everyone does need time, and it’s great that you’ve found some and been able to re-set a bit!

    To the rest of 2011!

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