Pick and choose who you want to meet.


4 Responses to Bio.

  1. PR = Good. Marketing = Bad 🙂

    I enjoy my Droid, and was thinking about getting a X.

    Enjoy Chi-town!! The art museum is ridiculously amazing! Yves Tanguy is my favorite artist there.

    Also, for a laugh, go on the pier and inside the building see the time line of Chi-town and the part where “For 100 years, nothing was reported in Chicago” I dunno why.. but it makes me laugh. Maybe ’cause someone reported that nothing was reported…


    • LSnyder says:

      Haha I love the “For 100 years, nothing was reported in Chicago”. And I have yet to go to the Art Museum! And it’s free on certain days so there is no excuse… I guess I need to get on that!

      Happy Wednesday 🙂

  2. Christopher says:

    Congratulations on your “Freshly Pressed” status today! Glad to have found you. I’m an independent filmmaker in LA and love your attitude and diverse interests in life.

    In addition to introducing myself, I also wanted to let you know about a growing demand in the independent filmmaking world of what’s being called producers of marketing and distribution. So, if you’re interested in film, that might be something of interest to you. Here is a link to an article:


    • LSnyder says:

      Thank you so much! Love your website — I am definitely going to check it out further tonight. I’m actually going to LA for the first time in August for a wedding and I cannot wait!

      Happy Wednesday 🙂

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