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100 Reasons to Love Chicago Right Now

It’s finally 2012 and yes, it’s about to get cold in Chicago. Before you start crying about the wind and snow, take a second to remember why you put up with these miserable winters. In no particular order, I give … Continue reading

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Flashbacks Through a Camera Lens: Why It’s Hard to Forget But Easy to Help

It’s been 4 years. Life isn’t about the things you have and the money you make, it’s about the people you meet, the relationships you create and the happiness you maintain. After all, what’s the point of having the nicest … Continue reading

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Red Cross Sets Facebook Photos on Fire to Raise Awareness

Click. One snap of a button can capture a moment for eternity. A memory that you can look back on and smile at because just glancing at the picture brings back the emotions of that moment in time. Everyone always … Continue reading

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Advice for the February Blues

The February Blues are a common problem for people for many reasons. There is Valentine’s Day or as many bitter people like to say, “Single Awareness Day”, that evokes a lot of emotional issues and justified high-calorie consumption. There is … Continue reading

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Hope is the Universal Truth – A Glimpse at the Life of a Red Cross Intern

I’ve never been one to preach about looking for signs in your life. I don’t analyze a relationship and declare that there are “clear signs that we are meant to be”. I don’t feel a connection when I talk about … Continue reading

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Social Media and Mobilization: What I’ve Learned About Social Good in the Digital Space

Hey all. Thank god it’s Friday right? This week has been busy to say the least. Please spare me five minutes of your time and read about two days and experiences that have changed the way I am currently looking … Continue reading

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PRSA YPN Chicago Presents “Social Media and Business Growth”

On April 13th I attended my first PRSA YPN networking event at GolinHarris. The event was called “Social Media and Business Growth” and it was basically a Q&A with Amy Korin (@interactiveAmy) and Mari Luangrath (@foiledcupcakes). As it was my … Continue reading

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